McDonald’s is testing cold brew as a coffee option.

Fast food giant, McDonald’s is hoping to capitalize on the growing popularity of cold brew beverages in the coffee industry by introducing their own customizable version of the iced beverage.

According to recent news by Foodbeast, the new McCafe Cold Brew Coffee is currently being tested in 74 locations in the San Diego area whereby customers get to choose their levels of cream and sugar and also add in flavours like vanilla, caramel, or hazelnut.

The website reported that there’s also a Marble Cold Brew that features a “sweet creamy syrup” along with the addition of light cream.

They said this is different from the frozen Cold Brew drinks that McDonald’s tested earlier this year, which were more like their version of Starbucks Frappuccinos and also that the cold brew is stronger than that of their regular coffee, but representatives couldn’t confirm the actual caffeine content of the new cold brew.

Foodbeast also reported that it is currently difficult to customize the amount of sweetness and cream inside McDonald’s McCafe beverages, as they usually come pre-set, so having this new option will be ideal for coffee lovers who prefer straight black or barely sweetened iced coffee.

They said McDonald's is currently conducting the test in San Diego for a limited time, and if it performs well, there's always the chance we'll see the cold brew launch nationwide,