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Monday, August 8, 2022

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Meet Christy Strever, the 'Food Selfie Queen'

Meet Christy Strever, the Food Selfie Queen. Supplied

Meet Christy Strever, the Food Selfie Queen. Supplied

Published Oct 24, 2018


Johannesburg born photographer, Christy Strever is currently taking social media by storm with her amazing food selfie pictures.

The 34-year-old says it all started a year ago when she took a picture with a pineapple on her head. 

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She says she had seen a selfie of a woman on the beach with the exact pose and she wanted to try it out and she just fell in love taking pictures with food.

Asked where she draws all her inspiration from, she says it depends on her mood or what food is available at the shops.

“Sometimes I stand in the fruit and veg section of grocery stores and check out every single item on their shelf then an idea will come to me while I’m looking. 

Other times I will be working or at home and an idea will hit me. However when I first started I then came across Cristina Otero who had done a tutti frutti series of fruit self portraits and her work pushed me harder to be different so that it didn’t look like I was stealing her ideas,” says Strever.

She says she has already had some work from companies that wanted to portray their products in a unique way, for example she photographed fruit infused tequila’s for Salsa Mexican Grill.

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Tomatoes! This was definitely the hardest shoot I've done from a "building" perspective. I have cuts everywhere from the chicken wire but I feel it has paid off. I love this pic! My shaved head suits it as well 😁 @instagram #whpunusualportraits

A post shared by Christy | Food Selfie Queen(@christystrever) on Oct 6, 2018 at 2:23am PDT

Asked about her favourite shots to-date Strever says she has a few but loves the tomato shoot because of the end product.

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“I put so much blood, sweat and tears into that shoot, literally...I was bleeding from being stabbed with the chicken wire (laughing) but then after editing I sit back and look at what I’ve just created, gave myself a pat on the back after that shoot,” she says.

Strever says the “easy” foods are hard to photograph, that shoots she really struggled with and didn’t enjoy doing were doughnut, Oreo, fruit loops and guava.

“I don’t like any of the final product photo of those foods especially guava. However I sometimes have a mental block with my creativity and then nothing comes so teh shoots go downhill. Now I only shoot when I feel inspired instead of forcing it,” she says.

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