Bianca Breytenbach was crowned South Africa's best amateur baker. Picture: Supplied

In The Great South African Bake Off tent, 12 amateur bakers have taken part in 27 challenges over nine weeks, trying to whisk, roll and bake their way to glory creating delicious treats such as decadent and elaborate chocolates cakes through to retro swiss rolls. But there can only be one winner. 

PICS: Social worker crowned winner of 'The Great South African Bake Off'

Zola Nene and Tjaart Walraven have crowned Bianca Breytenbach as South Africa's best amateur baker from the latest series of the hit BBC Lifestyle show. 

The 30-year-old social worker, from Cape Town, shed some light on her baking journey:

When/how did you get into baking?

I really got into about three years ago when I offered to bake a friend a cake for her daughter’s first birthday.
What’s your signature bake?
Friends and family say my best bake is my carrot cake.
What type of baker are you?

A messy one! I like to have a recipe on hand but will push the boundaries most of the time- adding a tad bit of this and an extra bit of that.
What’s your most memorable baking disaster?

We all know the quote: “the dog ate my homework”…… well my dogs ate my cake work. I returned home after work one day to find that I left a chair out at my work station and the dogs managed to jump up and help themselves to all of the gum paste elements that were drying for a beach/ surf themed baby shower cake the following afternoon, nightmare.
How would other people describe you?
Compassionate and kind mixed together with strength and courage.
What are you most nervous about in the competition?

The time limits and not being able to successfully execute one of the Technical Challenges.
If you could describe yourself as a type of cake, what would it be and why?

It would definitely have lots of different jewel coloured layers on the inside, be covered in a dark chocolate ganache.