The man behind Moët Hennessy, Xolani Mancotywa. Picture by Photogenuistats.
He has three very distinct passions -  fine beverages, gourmet experiences and a love for people - and now Xolani Mancotywa can live his passions to the fullest 

Mancitywa has recently been appointed as a Private Clients Manager for the Moet Hennessy portfolio in South Africa.

Born in Cape Town, the 31-year-old is a man on a mission, to create an unparalleled private client experience for new Moët Hennessy patrons, whilst growing and nurturing existing relationships with his loyal, high-net-worth customers.

A decade ago, he was on the path to becoming a chef. Having completed a Commis Chef diploma at Warwicks’ Chef School in Hermanus, he decided to refine his palate and take the Cape Sommelier course at the Cape Wine Academy in Stellenbosch.

Xolani Mancotywa, the new Private Clients Manager for the Moet Hennessy portfolio in SA. Picture by Photogenuistats.
He says he fell in love:  “My passion for wine really stems from curiosity. I initially set out to become a chef. While completing a Commis Chef diploma, one day during a paired tasting the students in my class noted aromas of green pepper and asparagus in a glass of Sauvignon Blanc. I was fascinated and decided on a whim to refine my palate and take the Cape Sommelier course, a decision which proves to be pivotal”, says Mancotywa.

Asked what has been the most memorable highlight of his career, Mancotywa says becoming a Certified Sommelier with the Court of Master Sommeliers in the United Kingdom was a truly memorable highlight of his career and he is ecstatic that this significant experience eventually contributed to his new appointment of such a luxury brand.