The Mint Club Sandwich is a great option for lunch. Picture by Nathan Adams

Finding the perfect lunch spot in the Cape Town City Centre is not as easy as it sounds.

Once you've surfed your way through the crowds at the plethora of coffee shops and cafes it can be quite stressful.

At the Mint Restaurant and Terrace at the TAJ Cape Town, you can stroll into the building from the St George's Mall pedestrian entrance.

The Mint Club Sandwich is one of the most popular lunch time meals and it doesn't disappoint. It's toasted ciabatta crammed with tandoori chicken tikka, a masala fried egg, tomato, lettuce and minted mayonnaise.

It's also worth adding the bacon to the sandwich.

Other lunchtime highlights includes, the TAJ Pork Belly Burger, the Smoked Salmon Bagel and the Mediterranean Grilled Vegetable Wrap.

It's comfort food, when you need it the most - in the middle of the day.

Of course you don't need to limit yourself to just the main meals for lunch - the dessert menu is also worth a mention and there is an Oreo inspired dessert that is a great sweet ending to your meal.

Whether you're stopping for a solo lunch to re-fuel or want a quiet place for a lunch meeting - Mint is a great option.