Dirk and Bahia eliminated at the MKRSA Headquarters. Picture supplied

In this Sunday’s episode of My Kitchen Rules SA, engaged couple, Dirk and Bahia , became the first couple to be eliminated from the series.

The Somerset couple unfortunately missed the mark after a Sudden Death elimination cook-off against millennial besties, Minnie and Tee.

On the first round with other losing white cooks the judges informed and briefed the teams to create a food bowl that contains a grain or starch, a minimum of three vegetables and a protein, and they had only 30 minutes to produce the dishes in order to stay in the competition.

Dirk and Bahia plated an Indian chicken curry while Minnie and Tee made uphuthu (pap) with trout.

Judge J’Something said that he was expecting something a bit more trendy and innovative than a bowl of curry with Dirk and Bahia ’s dish, while with Minnie and Tee, he missed the creativity and the injection of flavour.

With these two couples facing the Sudden Death elimination cook-off, they were required to cook to their strengths once again and produce one of their crowd pleaser dishes within 90 minutes.

Minnie and Tee delivered a Pork tagliatteli, where Tee handmade the tagliatteli and the judges enjoyed the pasta dish, saying that there was a lovely sweetness, the bacon and pasta created lovely textures and it was packed with flavour.

Dirk and Bahia put forward beef samoosas, with coriander and mint dipping sauce and a tamarind, date and cashew chutney and the judges commented that the samoosas had a great crunch, with the pastry being a highlight.

 “The second chutney – cashew, tamarind and dates – it really didn’t pair well with the samoosas,” said J Something.

David said the spices, maybe not as distinctive as he would have liked. Overall, an average mince, but good samoosa. And unfortunately it was the end of the road for the engaged couple.

Speaking to the couple, they say they had some amazing fun and good experience in the show.

Bahia says one of her highlights from the show was learning how to debone chicken which is something she has never done before.

Asked why they did samoosas, she says they seemed as the right dish to make due to the time frame given.

“I think the reason where it all went wrong is because of the samoosa dish. Somehow, time constraints and everything failed from there. As much as people don’t like us, we are one of the honest people and we are very passionate people when it comes to food”

“Everybody got different skills. If we were given more opportunity to showcase our skills we would have won the competition. I would have really loved to have showcased more of who we are. Thank you guys, we have met the most amazing people and we really have been so blessed to be here, and that’s the main thing we’ll take away from this” says Bahia .

“This year’s contestants are very dynamic people; there are lots of different food backgrounds and diversity. The show is very different and compromises of young people, for me that is really interesting” she added.

Dirk says he wishes Maritsa and Maradine can win the competition because he really likes them as people, they have a lot of talent and they can prepare very nice meat.