Jalal and Adrie eliminated from My Kitchen Rules SA. Picture: Supplied

Sunday’s episode of My Kitchen Rules South Africa saw the top five remaining teams battling for a spot in the semi-finals.

The top five remaining teams were Rox and Speon, Jalal and Adrie, Kim and Pashim Donald and Luyanda, and Maj and Joleen, but sadly for Jalal and Adrie they did not make it to the semi-finals.

For a place in the semis, the teams had to compete in their last People’s Choice challenge where the theme was “food as art”. Each of the teams were tasked to represent art with their food, drawing inspiration from the Nirox Sculpture Park. The challenge was judged by some of Johannesburg’s best-loved celebrities, who gathered to sample the dishes prepared by the top five and picked the winners of the challenge, while the show's celebrity judges decided which team went home.

Unfortunately for Jalal and Adrie, who put forward a dessert dish, they didn’t hit the mark for the judges and was deemed the weakest effort of the day, sending the couple home.

The pair decided to step out of their comfort zone and create a spiced-coffee after-dinner cake dessert for the challenge but struggled to get their elements to work in their favour.

Jalal and Adrie eliminated from My Kitchen Rules SA. Picture supplied

Speaking to the pair, Adrie says their MKR experience was a once in a lifetime experience. They met a group of amazing people who they believe they will remain friends with and it was also a time they were able to set aside to strengthen their relationship.

“Jalal was away a lot while he worked in the security industry for over eight years which caused our communication to falter a bit. Through MKR we were forced to really listen to each other again”

“This all consuming experience forces you to research, experiment and go outside your comfort zone, so in a way it was a privileged time to learn more about food, methods and the amazing things you can do with food. Through it all we learnt to communicate better, although in the last episode was not really a testimony of that, she says, laughing.”

Asked about challenges on the show, she says that the pressure that you experience during each challenge and how it messes with your mind is a big challenge.

“What the viewers see on television is not even a fraction of the pressure that you actually experience. You really have to be in it to know what it is like”

“We believe that we did everything we needed to do, the flavours were there and the response from the people was testimony to that. However, if we had to do something different we would have gone savory instead of the sweet dish we put forward. I think we should have stayed. We don’t believe that our dish was worse than some of the others, but hey this is a competition and the ‘luck of the draw’ fell on us this time,” says Adrie.

The mom and dad couple says they want table 1 to win the competition.