#MKRSA season 2 finalists, Kim and Pashi set to launch their own spice range.

We have seen them creating amazing dishes on one of the yummiest local cooking shows, My Kitchen Rules South Africa and heading all the way to the finals of season two of the show. 

Pashi Reddy and fiancé Kamisha Naidoo are back in the culinary game with a range of premium spice blends called Lady Tiffin Spice Emporium. 

Lady Tiffin comes in the form of five variants. each unique in flavor and character.

Pashi says the Lady Tiffin brand draws inspiration from popular Indian Tiffin boxes which are used to pack lunches.

“The spice pots are simple, easy and delicious. Now everyone can create restaurant quality dishes in the comfort of their own homes for guest and family even the men. As a business we want to commit to creating the Lady Tiffin Trust which will collect R1 from each tin sold and utilize these funds to create scholarship programs or grants that enable young, black and female entrepreneurs from disadvantaged communities”, he says.

“Throughout the MKRSA show, David Higgs and J-Something kept telling us that we really know how to pack flavors into dishes as well as calling us the spice king and queen. As we met more and more fans who wanted our recipes we realized that a lot of the spices in the market are not made or blended correctly . With Lady Tiffin we wanted to not skimp on the spices we wanted to really create a premium blend that packed a punch. The goal was to create an easy to use product range that had a blend for different styles of curries as well as other applications.

The Lady Tiffin spice blends. 

Durban Curry Spice Pot

Durban Curry Spice Pot is an intensely flavored Durban style curry blend which focuses on heat as well as flavor. This is an unapologetic spice blend that creates authentic bold flavors. Typically goes well with Lamb, Mutton or Chicken and for a vegetarian alternative Beans.

Korma Spice Pot

Korma Spice Pot is perfect for creating beautiful North Indian style dishes. The milder blend focuses more on aromatics than heat. The Korma Spice Pot pairs well with vegetables, chicken and fish.

Tandoori Spice Pot

Tandoori Spice Pots contain a premium blend of over ten fragrant and flavorful spices. Great for marinades and open fire cooking. The Tandoori spice pot pairs well with chicken, lamb, seafood and root veg.

Goan Curry Spice Pot

Goan Spice Pot is a spicy, fragrant and unique blend of premium spices that transports the palate to distant shores. Pairs Well with All seafood.

Butter Masala Spice

Butter Masala Spice Pot contains a beautiful blend of more than ten premium spices. It is a balanced and fragrant North Indian blend with notes of cardamom. Pairs well with chicken ,paneer and vegetables.

Pashi says Lady Tiffin will be launching in the next three weeks. For now they will be available on their online store which will be launched beginning of March as well as few specialty stores.  

“Right now each of the variants come in 100g spice blends.The retail price is around R89.99 per tin .Each tin creates 8-10 curries which serves four people”, he says.

For more information visit their website www.ladytiffin.com