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The focus was meant to be on the food, but few people on Twitter had an appetite for that after the first group of contestants were announced on screen.

My Kitchen Rules has two groups of contestants and in each group there are five couples.

When the first group were introduced on Sunday they were not given a warm welcome on Twitter and the broadcaster was criticised for a lack of diversity


Despite this though the contestants kept a brave face on social media with some of them posting how they watched the first episode

My Kitchen Rules is about food though and the first contestants Liz and Leanne from Bloemfontein hosted the first instant restaurant.

The best friends opened up their home and their dinner’s theme was Food Confessions.

The starter of beef carpaccio with mousse that wasn’t really a mousse got mixed reviews as did the main course of stuffed Gemsbok and pumpkin tart.

Their milk tart tower dessert was a firm favourite of judge J Something’s but fellow judge David Higgs was not impressed.

Next week the contestants will be dining in Krugersdorp when water polo buddies Rein and Rowan try to beat the score of 69 set by Liz and Leanne.

M-Net has promised that the second group of 5 contestants are a lot more diverse than the first group but viewers will only see them on the small screen next month.