Make tofu for a protein kick in your diet. Picture from Pixabay.
Worried about getting all the protein you need without eating meat? You don’t have to be, there are many other alternatives out there including vegetables.

We spoke to celebrity chef and food stylist, Jody Theodore to share with us some of the foods you can have to substitute for meat.

  • Made from soybean curds, tofu’s a great low-cal protein source. The spongy beige stuff works raw, baked, grilled, or fried and easily absorbs the taste of whatever it’s cooked in- yum! Plus, it works in pretty much any traditional meat dish.
  • No Halloween mask’s necessary to reap the benefits of this veggie celebrity. The greatest super-food is also an unexpected meat alternative. Skip the meat sauce and pump(kin) up the protein value of dishes like pasta.
  • Made from soy pulp, Okara is high in nutrients like protein and fiber. It can replace meat and eggs in soups, stews and omelettes, and even transform crab cakes into vegan delicacy.

Quinoa is rich in protein. Picture from Pixabay

  • Rice is nice, but quinoa’s awesome. This grain is protein rich (actually, it’s a complete source of protein) and offers other nutrients like magnesium and folic acid. Quinoa’s a staple in meat-free salads and pilafs. Plus, baked quinoa patties are a posh alternative to beef burgers.
  • This is the BFF of every low-budget, protein-hungry vegetarian. Lentils are pretty easy to prepare, too. Try a meat-free stew or a vegan chilli- meal that look (almost) as good as they taste.