Nigella Lawson on the front cover of Radio Times.

London - If her new Italian cookery book is any indication, Nigella Lawson indulges in endless bowls of pasta drizzled with olive oil and sprinkled with cheese.

But that remarkable new figure begs to differ.

On the front cover of this week’s Radio Times, Lawson looks much slimmer than usual.

Her curves have sharpened into angles and even her face seems to have become more defined.

While some observers suspected a little airbrushing could be behind her new look, Nigella, whose weight has gone up and down over the years, explained she was going through a “slim phase” – thanks to discovering exercise and making wine a Friday night treat only. Her new shorter hairstyle also helps.

Married to art collector Charles Saatchi, with three teenage children between them, Nigella spoke of her worries that she was good enough as a mother. “One is always aware of what one isn’t doing right,” she said. “Although I’m pretty easygoing about most things, I do think manners are important and being kind.” - Daily Mail