TV chef Nigella Lawson hates loud music in restaurants. Picture: Reuters

Some people have an intolerance for gluten, others can’t stomach shellfish, but when it comes to restaurants, Nigella Lawson claims she is "allergic to all noise".

The TV chef has called for a stop to the trend of restaurants playing loud music as it "drowns out the taste of the food".

Lawson, 59, went on to describe it as "utterly draining", and added: "I’ve always presumed that these decisions are made by people who feel uncomfortable without noise.’"

Michelin-starred chef Richard Corrigan, who has cooked for the Queen, agreed with Lawson.

The restaurateur told the Daily Telegraph that he prefers a quiet jazz piano in his Mayfair restaurants. "Loud music, personally I’m not a fan of it in restaurants," he said.

He added: "I don’t mind some music, some live piano like we have in Bentley’s and Corrigan’s is good, but what you don’t want is speakers over the table. You need to stay away from restaurants that play Abba or Eric Clapton loudly."

He said that as he got older, he found noise to be irritating. "It is more about age more than anything, as you get older you look for a bit more solitude."

But he added: "When Nigella was in her twenties, she probably did love music in a restaurant."

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