Celebrity chef Nigella Lawson.

Her latest show may be called At My Table, but Nigella Lawson has admitted she eats her dinner on the sofa in front of the TV — as long as it doesn't require a knife and fork.

Revealing her rules for a TV dinner, the cook said she only eats on the sofa if the food comes in a bowl - such as soup or noodles.

The 57-year-old- who insists she is not a chef - told the Radio Times: 'I'm not really a grazer. I like proper meals. 

"I have absolutely nothing against a sofa supper, but I can't do food that needs a knife and fork. If it can be eaten out of a bowl, I'm very happy to eat while I watch.

"But I'm more likely to eat first, at the table, and then watch.'

While she insisted she doesn't 'disapprove of eating in front of the TV', Lawson prefers to 'be absorbed' in what she's eating by staying firmly at the dinner table

But she admitted to often devouring soup or noodles 'hypnotically' while enjoying her favourite programmes – including American drama The Good Wife and spin-off series The Good Fight.