Rooibos gin and duck spring rolls paired with Rooibos red gin Picture: Steven Booth
Gin enthusiasts went on a taste adventure at a gin and food pairing hosted by GrandWest's Executive Chef Wynand Schoeman.
Inspired by the burgeoning diversity and quality of locally produced craft gin, Chef Wynand, began to explore the potential of the spirit to enhance the flavours in food. 
The exclusive event was hosted inside The Good Hope Suites. 

Schoeman says: " Overall, I am inspired by the very high quality of craft gin available in the Cape and enjoy exploring the opportunities to bring out the flavours in food by pairing it with gin. 
"In the past few years we have witnessed something of a gin explosion, with an array of craft gin to explore. This has made experimenting with different foods and flavours exceptionally exciting.” 
The three course meal featured Rooibos gin and duck spring rolls for starters. The Rooibos, combined with elements of honey, soya and duck present a unique flavour combination. The fresh flavours of the citrus salad served with the spring rolls breaks the palate to deliver a cleaner taste of the dish.
To ensure authenticity and highlight locally sourced foods, Schoeman chose lamb and springbok as he believes these meats to reflect South African cuisine well.
Shredded lamb shank and springbok loin paired with African Botanicals Gin Picture: Steven Booth
“With gin not being South African by origin, it was somewhat challenging to find the right gin to complement these meats. However, with much experimentation, I believe that our choice of craft gins work exceptionally well with these proudly South African meats,” says Schoeman.
The taste adventure culminated with a mouthwatering citrus inspired dessert served with white chocolate soil that Schoeman had laced with gin.
“I have never used gin in a dessert pairing before so this was truly a voyage of discovery. The result was superb. As the dessert melts in your mouth, the gin comes through to create an explosion of enticing flavours,” he says.
Citrus inspired dessert served with white chocolate soil laced with gin paired with Musgrave pink gin. Picture: Steven Booth