Japanese pamper their Wagyu cows with massages and beer to vein the meat with as much fat as possible.

London - Wagyu beef stands out because of its fat marbling. During cooking the fat melts into the meat for a distinctive taste and moist texture.

Wagyu means Japanese beef – the breed were originally from the Kobe region of Japan.

Kobe beef is the highest quality. It is produced from the black breed of Wagyu and the animals are fed the best-quality grain and beer every day, while their skin is massaged with sake.

Wagyu beef was first produced on British farms in 2009.

Unlike most other red meats, the beef is relatively high in unsaturated fats. This means it can be eaten as part of a low-cholesterol diet.

The highest price ever paid for a Kobe Wagyu carcass was $250,000 (about R2.2-million). - Daily Mail