Matcha. Picture: Supplied
Matcha. Picture: Supplied

Popular food trends of 2019

By Lutho Pasiya Time of article published Dec 2, 2019

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Just like anything else in society, from hairstyles to clothing, food also gets hype and popularity. 

As we wrap up 2019, we look at foods that were very popular this year. According to Jessica Booth on the Red Book, these are the foods.

Plant-based meats. Picture: Supplied

Plant-based meats

2019 was the year vegan food became cool instead of inconvenient. Plant-based meats and burgers became more and more common-even fast-food chains like Burger King started selling them.

CBD-infused food and drinks. Picture: Supplied

CBD-infused food and drinks 

The CBD industry boomed this year, and it was more than just supplements, oils, and sleep aids. CBD-infused foods and drinks appeared everywhere. 

Bone broth. Picture: Supplied

Bone broth 

If you follow Instagram's wellness community at all, then you've heard of bone broth. This super healthy elixir took on a life of its own in 2019. People added it to soups and other foods or just drank it plain.

Paper straws. Picture: Supplied

Paper straws and other eco-friendly packaging 

2019 put a huge focus on climate change and the little changes we can all make to try and be more sustainable. One of the most popular changes was to opt for eco-friendly packaging whenever possible, as well as eliminating plastic straws in favor of paper or metal straws.

Matcha. Picture: Supplied


Matcha continued to enjoy its moment in the spotlight. The bright green, highly caffeinated green tea is often seen as a healthier alternative to coffee. It's a little complicated to make on your own, but it's worth the trouble. 

Natural sweeteners. Picture: Supplied

Natural sugars 

In keeping with the wellness theme of 2019, natural sugar alternatives took over. Added white sugar is becoming less and less popular as the many unhealthy side effects of it become more widely known. 

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