Ricardo’s Surf ‘n Turf at Beira Alta.
It's not the best start when you  enter a restaurant, after making  a reservation, only to be escorted  to your table and find it already  occupied.
With the restaurant packed  to capacity, my dinner date and  I were then relegated to another  table.  For me, that’s a deal-breaker at  a restaurant – along with shoddy  service. I made my discontent  known to the floor manager, who  then found me a table that was  more to my liking.

I have to compliment him on  being attentive enough to return  to the table with an apology for the undue delay and a goodwill  gesture of complimentary drinks.

There are many refreshing cocktails on offer.

Having visited Beira Alta  several times – my most  memorable dining experience  being at the Ballito franchise – I  was au fait with several of the
I skipped the starters, as my  main meal – Dina’s calamari and  prawn combo – was sufficient to  satisfy my hankering for seafood.  It’s accompanied by the  usual offerings of chips, rice  or vegetables.This meal didn’t  disappoint. The rice, mixed  with black beans, soaked up the
delicious sauce, with just the  right amount of heat. And it was  bursting with flavours.

My friend, a vegetarian, chose  to have the vegetable curry stir-fry  from the scant options.  It was seasoned well, served  with an abundance of vegetables.  And you could taste the wonderful  coconut curry sauce, which  carried the dish.

You can’t go wrong in ordering  seafood here.  However, there are plenty of  red meat and chicken options. 
The Portuguese sardines is a popular dish at Beira Alta.
Also, there are a variety of  dessert options, which we were  disappointed with. As far as  venues go, the restaurant is  spacious and the waiters attentive.

Will I go back? Yes. But not to  appease my sweet tooth!

Beira Alta Restaurant is at Shop No 63 Montecasino, Montecasino Blvd, Fourways. Call 011 511 1307 or email: [email protected]