Soon you'll be able to unwrap all your favourite Quality Street chocolates and sweets, with nothing going to waste.

London - Removing unpopular Quality Street chocolates from the box is an annual ritual for many families.

But soon, sweet lovers may be able to buy the confectionery with their least favourite flavours already taken away. 

Nestle, which owns the Quality Street brand, could start selling personalised products designed for each customer’s tastes.

The food giant also owns Smarties, Rowntree’s Fruit Pastilles, Dairy Box and Black Magic.

Mark Schneider, chief executive of Nestle, told website Marketwatch: "Think about the proverbial box of chocolates, where you always find a few chocolates that are left, and imagine you buy a box where there is a number of varieties in there, but all of them pretty much up your alley."

Nestle has not decided which products could be personalised, and says the concept could be applied to a range of the group’s brands.

Last year John Lewis opened 11 temporary Quality Street pick-and-mix shops over the Christmas period in the UK, allowing customers to choose their favourite chocolates.

Daily Mail