Hot sauce goes really well with chicken wings and drummettes
Everyone’s heard of “hot sauce” as a spice seasoning to a meal, but in fact, it also goes a long way to enhancing the flavour of the food and you will ask yourself how? 

We spoke to co-founder of Diva’s Sauces, Divine Mabula on how hot sauce can help enhance the flavour of food. 

Below are Mabula’s five ways on how hot sauce can improve the flavour of your food: 
  1. Drizzling hot sauce over your food is like putting the cherry on a cake it just complements the dish. 
  2. Hot sauce will help you turn up the heat on your taste palette without missing a beat.
  3. Sprinkling hot sauce on a bland plate of food makes it something to write home about, it brings so much flavour to the dish. 
  4. If you enjoy a good sizzle, you will know that hot sauces are a treasure to be cherished at every meal. 
  5. Hot sauce can take just about any egg dish from “meh” to “yeah!” hot sauces pairs especially well with eggs, meat and salads. 
Diva’s Sauces is a local brand that makes homemade chilli sauces.