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Reyka holds true to the saying ‘the simple things in life are the best’ with the ‘Little Bit of Bittah’ cocktail, that goes back to basics in mixology. 

The addition of grapefruit adds a unique citrus flavour that really accentuates the floral notes prevalent in this vodka cocktail.

The ‘Little Bit of Bittah’ cocktail, made with fresh ingredients and premium handcrafted Reyka Vodka has a great tangy flavour to it. 

Citrus and vodka are a match made in heaven because the fruit brings out the best in your drink.

Russia is best known for their vodka but Iceland is ready to take over the vodka making title with this cocktail to entice you.

Cheers to #NationalVodkaDay


2 parts Reyka Vodka 
1 ½ parts Grapefruit juice 
½ part Grenadine 
½ part Campari

Shake and strain into iced rocks glass. Garnish with grapefruit wedge.