Almond meringue and mint and lemon sorbet. Picture: Supplied
Almond meringue 


4 egg whites 

100 g castor sugar

100 g icing sugar 

30 g almond flakes

250 g strawberries 


Lightly whisk the egg whites until they form a medium peak. 

Slowly add the castor sugar until the mixture increases in size and becomes thick and fluffy. 

Slowly add the icing sugar until the mixture grows thick and glossy.

Place a tablespoon full of the meringue mixture on a greased tray and top it with flaked almonds. Repeat until all the mixture has been used.

Bake at 120°C for 35min, until the meringue is hard on the outside and soft on the inside. Allow the meringue to cool completely before serving. 

Top the meringue with fresh strawberries when it is ready to be served. 

Mint and lemon sorbet 


1 lt milk 

200g icing sugar

1x lemon zest 

30g mint


Infuse the milk with the mint and lemon zest over low heat. Do not boil.

Add the icing sugar once the milk is off the heat. Strain to remove the mint and lemon zest.

Place in the freezer. Use a fork to scrape the milk mixture every 30min until it sets, forming a light sorbet.
Recipes supplied by Chef Jenny Ward