Pic: Russel Wasserfall/supplied


2 large aubergine

10ml salt

juice of half a lemon

2 garlic cloves, crushed

60ml olive oil

15ml chopped flat-leaf parsley

plus extra to serve

pita breads

Tomato Sticks

400g baby tomatoes

4 cloves garlic, thinly sliced

fresh bay leaves

60ml olive oil


Prick the aubergine with a fork. Braai for 10 to15 minutes, turning often until tender.

Remove and cool. Peel aubergine skin once cool enough to handle, discard skin.

Place the flesh in a sieve over a bowl and drain.

Put the aubergine in a food processor with the salt, lemon juice, garlic, parsley and olive oil. Purée.

Pour into a bowl, drizzle with  extra olive oil. Serve with  baby tomato sticks and braaied pita bread.

Braai Note: 

Use a mortar and pestle for a  coarser texture to make Braai Ghanoush.

Tomato Sticks

Skewer baby tomatoes, garlic and bay leaves onto wooden skewers. Brush with oil.

Braai for 4 to 5 minutes, turning regularly.

Baby tomatoes should be blistered.

Recipe courtesy of Braai The Beloved Country by Jean Nel (Jacana)