Cocktails are a universal favourite at bars, there is something for all tastes and now you can also enjoy a frozen rosé known as a frosé.

It’s a trend that had New York and London in its icy grip last year and of course was all the rage over the festive season when cocktails were a staple at bars.

Basically you blitz a fruit with ice and a rosé wine of your choice to create a slushy type mixture that you can serve in a cocktail glass.

The result isn’t always as satisfying the first time round because you really have to get the balance of ice, fruit and wine just right- as I discovered when I attempted to make a strawberry frosé.

Because the ice is crushed and the fruit releases it’s own natural juices you need to make sure that you don’t end up with a mushy concoction that vaguely resembles a cocktail.

It’s also a great idea to add the juice of a whole lemon to the mix before blitzing because that prevents your cocktail from being too sweet and keeps it tart.

4th Street Wines has shared their cocktail recipe which should serve as inspiration for you to create your own frosé’s at home.