Rudolph The Reindeer Chocolate Brownies PICTURE:ZANELE ZULU/ANA
With Christmas fast approaching, now’s a great time to check you’re stocked up with all that you need to cook up a storm on the big day.  Whether it’s a small family dinner or a big get-together, cooking the Christmas feast can be a very stressful thing to do but thanks to our South African chefs who always introduce us to new cooking ideas.

We joined Margaret Hirsch and Hirsch’s Head Chef winners Ismael Amos and Havenisha Naidoo on Wednesday afternoon for their Christmas cooking where they shared new and innovative ideas on classic Christmas dishes. 

Margaret said the whole inspiration behind the dishes is that they just wanted to do something different that not everyone tries cooking during the festive season. 
"The main inspiration behind these Christmas dishes was that we wanted something simple that people can have in their kitchen cardboards. People should be able to get home, look at the recipes and just make the dishes. The ingredients are cheap and everything is easy to make", she said.

Rudolph The Reindeer Chocolate Brownies 

1 Box Brownie Mix
Ingredients on back of Brownie mix (usually oil, eggs and water)
Holiday Mint m&m's (they come with red, white and green)
Melted chocolate (about ½ cup)
Prepare brownies as directed on the box and let cool.
Cut brownies into rectangles and either frost or use the melted chocolate to stick on the reindeer face.