Firefighters to the rescue after German chocolate factory spill

Dusseldorf - A huge river of chocolate that streamed out of a praline manufacturer in the western German town of Werl gave emergency services quite a headache.

"We picked it all up with shovels," Karsten Korte, the head of the voluntary fire service in Werl, told DPA on Tuesday.

Around a ton of thick brown chocolate had to be cleaned up from the town's streets. 

The chocolate flow hardened on the chilly streets, and took 25 firefighters to remove the confection mess.

The firefighters removed 10 square meters of chocolate, and were followed by a street cleaner. The reason for the leak was not quite clear, but was probably down to a technical failure at the factory.

In order to remove the chocolate from the tarmac, the fire service used warm water and blowtorches, which ensured the street did not become slippery and therefore too dangerous to drive on.

The chocolate was thrown away - Korte affirmed that the volunteers didn't eat it.