Creamiest Mac & Cheese Picture: Supplied

±2-3 cups macaroni

Salt-to taste

1 tsp olive oil

Cheese sauce:

1 packet knorr three cheeses pasta sauce

3 T flour

3 T melted butter

½ - ¾ cup milk (depends on the thickness of the sauce)

¾ cup cheese


Pepper -seasoning


In a saucepan add the butter and flour whisking to form a paste. Add the milk and whisk well. Add cheese whisk until combined.

Make the knorr sauce as instructed on the packet (use a bit less water than required). Add it to the other cheese sauce and mix until combined.

Strain the pasta and put it back into the pot, add the sauce to it and allow simmering for about 3-5 minutes until there is no excess liquid.

Eat as is or put it in a casserole dish and sprinkle cheese over and allow the cheese to crisp in the oven.

Recipe credit: @yaseera_gani