Three rosŽ cocktails, from left: City of RosŽs, RosŽ Royale and Sagaponack sangria. PICTURE: FORREST AGUAR AND MICHELLE NORRIS for The New York Times
For years, an easy summer alternative to a traditional cocktail has been the rosé spritzer, a splash of wine and a dose of seltzer that pairs nicely with a plate of crudo, a salad or a bowl of cold soup.

But now the rosé mania has hit, and bartenders are turning to the wine as a base for more complex, sophisticated new drinks.
They are a vast improvement over last year’s popular concoction: the frosé, a fairly sweet rosé wine slushie made with puréed strawberries and simple syrup, more dessert than cocktail. This year, it’s a featured drink, spiked with vodka.

Rosé has also become a base for sangria.  It’s fresh and flavourful, and because it’s not particularly sweet, complements dishes like salmon tartare, grilled calamari and wood-roasted shrimp.

City of Rosés Recipe (Makes 1)

120ml rosé wine, chilled
30ml artichoke liqueur
30ml blanc vermouth 
Strip of lemon peel

Combine ingredients in a cocktail shaker or mixing glass and stir well. 
Pour into a coupé or martini glass and float the lemon peel on top.

NOTE: The artichoke liqueur is available from

Sagaponack Sangria Recipe (Makes 1)

5 raspberries
2 mint leaves
1 slice cucumber
15ml simple syrup
15ml Chambord liqueur or other black raspberry liqueur
22ml lemon juice
22ml Cognac
120ml rosé wine, chilled
Half-moon slice of an orange

In a cocktail shaker, muddle 3 of the raspberries, the mint and cucumber with the simple syrup. Add the Chambord or other liqueur, lemon juice and Cognac. 
Fill the shaker with ice cubes and add the rosé wine. 
Shake well.
Strain into a wine glass, add the remaining 2 raspberries and the orange slice.

Rosé Royale Recipe (Makes 1)

15ml grapefruit liqueur
15ml Grand Marnier liqueur or any orange-flavoured liqueur
90ml rosé wine, chilled
60ml Champagne, chilled
Strip of pink-grapefruit or orange peel

In a large wine glass, combine the grapefruit liqueur and Grand Marnier
Add the wine and Champagne
Add a few ice cubes and stir.
Twist the grapefruit peel over the drink to release oils, then drop it into the cocktail.

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