Bunny Bum Cupcakes Picture: Checkers
Made with tasty vanilla cupcakes and marshmallows, this recipe has all the kids’ favourites.

12 vanilla cupcakes
1 x 250 g tub vanilla frosting
1 ml pink food colouring

1½ cups desiccated coconut
1–2 tsp. green food colouring
6 large white marshmallows: cut in half

6 mini white marshmallows: cut in half
50 g white fondant
1 tub white edible balls

Place 2 tbsp. of the vanilla frosting into another bowl and add a tiny drop of pink food colouring.
Mix well and spoon into a small piping bag. Set aside for later.
Place the desiccated coconut into a bowl and add the green food colouring. Mix well until the coconut is completely green. Set aside for later.

To create the bunny’s bum:

Ice each cupcake with the remainder of the white vanilla frosting.
Dip the iced cupcake into the green coconut until well covered.
Place 1 half of a large marshmallow onto the centre of the cupcake, creating the bunny’s bum.
Using the pink icing, pipe little paw prints onto each of the halved mini marshmallows.
Carefully place the mini marshmallows on either side of the large marshmallow, creating the bunny’s feet.
Roll a small ball of fondant and dip into edible balls.
Place in the middle of the marshmallow creating the bunny’s tail.

Makes: 12 

Recipe supplied by Checkers