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For drinks inspiration #JustAddAperol

By IOL Supplied Time of article published Mar 15, 2018

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Made from infusions of bitter and sweet oranges, rhubarb and a host of herbs and roots — Aperol Spritz has a crisp citrus zestiness, balanced by warm, woody and herbal notes.  

With such a beguiling flavour profile, it has earned international currency as an aperitif, or to say it as Italians do, aperitivo, the drink you have before a meal to wake up your appetite. 

Just add Aperol to bubbly with a splash of soda and you have Aperol Spritz, the brand's signature cocktail and Italy's favourite aperitivo. 

Aperol spokesperson in South Africa Charlene Engels says: "The aperitivo ritual is very important to the Italians.  

It's the time to take a break, when you can relax and relish life.  Italians have taught the world that it's a moment never to be rushed.  

In fact, the pleasure should be savoured and extended by enjoying your aperitivo with a few little antipasti, like olives, roasted nuts, cheese, slices of cured ham, sausage or salame, mini pizza slices or bruschetta." 

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To ensure the perfect Aperol Spritz, brand owner Campari Group has released into the local market, Cinzano Pro-Spritz, an aromatically fruity but dry Prosecco-style sparkling wine.  

The spumante's fresh and lively mix of fruit, florals and fizz makes it the ideal partner to Aperol, she explains. Cinzano Pro-Spritz also forms part of Campari Group’s portfolio. 

Pour 50ml Cinzano Pro-Spritz into an ice-filled glass. #JustAddAperol in equal measure and top off with a splash of soda.  

Aperol is priced around R229 per 750ml bottle, while Cinzano Pro-Spritz retails for about R95 per 750ml. 

Find Aperol at all major retailers, and for more recipes go to www.aperol.com

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