Nadiya Hussain giving a cooking demonstration in Johannesburg. Supplied

With deconstructed cheesecakes, anchovy foam and snail porridge, it’s safe to say the foodie revolution of recent years might have gone a little too far.

But now Great British Bake Off winner Nadiya Hussain is riding to the rescue to save us all from pretension – and embrace eating frozen and canned food.

The self-taught cook, 34, uses spaghetti hoops, tinned potatoes and instant noodles to create quick and easy meals in her forthcoming BBC programme, Time to Eat.

‘We need to step back, stop being pretentious, and think about the fact some people struggle for money,” she told Radio Times. ‘If something doesn’t poison us, I think we should eat it.’ Miss Hussain said there was a time in her life when she had to choose between ‘boiling potatoes and paying my gas bill, so I’d buy a can of potatoes’.

She added: ‘There’s nothing wrong with using frozen and canned food. There’s nothing wrong with using a microwave. There’s nothing in this series I’m ashamed of. It’s the way I cook. We often get told what we should and shouldn’t do. I don’t think we should worry so much.’

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