Spider Spaghetti Sausages PICTURE: Supplied

Fake blood sauce! Spider olives with every dish! Scary, mummified food creations! These are all meals worthy enough of being served at a Halloween party. Whether your guests are kids, kids at heart or simply appreciate getting together with friends to enjoy a good time with good food, Halloween provides the perfect excuse to get into the spirit of things. 


squid ink pasta
large pot
Mozzarella cheese
nori (seaweed)
Mediterranean delicacies calamata olives


Cut raw Viennas into bite sizes.
Pierce uncooked spaghetti through Viennas
Place a large pot of boiling water on high heat with water and a pinch of salt.
Gently place spaghetti and Viennas into the boiling water, trying your best not to break the spaghetti.
Cut up small circles of Mozzarella for the white of the eyes and circles of olives for pupils. 
Slice rectangular strips of nori for the mouth. 
Once spaghetti and Viennas are cooked, decorate Viennas with Mozzarella, olives and nori for the eyes and mouth.
Note: Squid ink pasta is available at most supermarkets. You can also use black food colourant to dye your pasta. 

Recipe provided by Mediterranean Delicacies