Gordon Ramsay's eggs baked in hash brown with glazed bacon Picture: Independent
It’s not easy to go viral with a recipe these days - the internet is awash with creative delicious concoctions we never imagined we’d ever be able to eat.
So kudos to Gordon Ramsay who has caught the attention of the world with his recipe for eggs baked in hash brown with glazed bacon.  When you think about it, you have to wonder why you haven’t already tried it. Eggs. Baked in hash browns. It makes so much sense.
“This is an all American superhero of a breakfast,” Ramsay says. 

He starts by peeling waxy potatoes, which he says are crucial to a good hash brown because they hold their shape and cook better.  Rather than slicing the potatoes, he grates them, along with the onion.
Next he seasons with salt, pepper, olive oil and cayenne pepper and mixes together before squeezing out the liquid - this is crucial for a crispy hash brown.

Pour in a glug of olive oil to a hot pan and press down the hash brown. Drop flecks of butter round the side to caramelise the onions. Use a plate to flip the hash brown over before sliding it back into the pan to cook the other side. 
Crack the eggs on to the hash brown, sprinkle with more cayenne and pop into a preheated oven for six to eight minutes.
Ramsay then goes on to fry bacon in brown sugar, butter, salt and pepper and serves on top of the baked egg hash brown.
Breakfast perfection.

It’s not a new recipe, but it’s been brought back to public attention thanks to a new video Ramsay has shared.

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