Ghetto lamb stew with bohobe

1.5 kg stewing lamb 

1 bottle steers bbq sauce 

1 can tomato puree

4 beef stock cubes 

1 kg sugar 

50 g crushed garlic 

50 g crushed ginger 

100 ml wet masala

10-12 potatoes 

60 g cheddar cheese 

500 g butter 

20 ml dry parsley 

10 ml salt 


In a hot pot, add pieces on lamb stew stir till the meat is brown

Add garlic & crushed ginger.

Add wet masala after 10 minutes.

Add tomato puree & steers sauce. 

Stir everything till you smell the aroma of the combination of the garlic, masala & garlic.

Add BBQ sauce  30 minutes later. 

Stir & let it simmer

Boil the potatoes add butter & cheese in one pot till the potatoes are soft, add 2 table spoons of parsley

Ready to serve  

4½ cups cake flour

500ml warm water

10ml instant dry yeast

10ml salt

20ml sugar

Grease an enamel dish with butter /margarine

Sift the dry ingredients and mix them into a bowl

Knead dough until mixed and doesn’t stick to the hands

Place dough in the greased bowl

Cover and let rise

Add some water into a big saucepan and put the greased bowl inside

Steam for at least an hour or until cooked

Cover the saucepan during cooking.