Squashed for time and fancying some butternut? Follow our 4 easy steps to sate your appetite.

Butternut squash is integral to home cooked meals like creamy and cheesy pastas, soups, and veggie-packed desserts. Don't let the big gourd frighten you - these four steps will teach you how to peel, seed and slice butternut squash with no hassle.

What you'll need:

Vegetable peeler 

Cutting board 

Chef's knife 

Step 1. Picture from YouTube

STEP 1: Trim the ends of the butternut squash and cut it in half.

Use a chef's knife to trim off the top and bottom ends of the squash. Next, cut the squash in half.

Step 2. Picture from YouTube

STEP 2: Peel the butternut squash, by using a sharp vegetable peeler or paring knife to remove the tough skin.

Step 3. Picture from YouTube

STEP 3: Remove the seeds.

Cut the bulb in half and use a spoon to carve out the seeds. Don't throw the seeds away – roast them just like pumpkin seeds and use them in a smoothie or baked goods.

Step 4. Picture from YouTube

STEP 4: Cut butternut squash into chunks.

Cut the squash into 2cm thick slices or dice into large chunks. The rest is up to you: you can purée, roast, or bake it.