Rice fritters.
I have at least a pint of leftover brown rice. What can I do with it to use it up?

You can make fritters - bind the leftover rice with some egg and cheese and fresh herbs, then stuff a small cube of cheese in the centre, coat them in bread crumbs and either deep-fry them or form them into patties (more like crab cakes or zucchini cakes) and shallow fry them in some olive oil. 

Other ideas: Turn it into fried rice or rice pudding. You can cook the rice in a combination of cream and milk, until it thickens up, then, lower the heat and add some sugar and stir it in, to combine and dissolve. Stir in a bit more cream in the last few minutes, then take it off the heat and add any aromatics you like and a pinch of salt.
Truffles on Pasta
I was recently gifted a fresh black truffle and am so excited but also terrified on how to use it! I was thinking of storing half of it in the freezer (I read you could do that to keep it longer) and using the other half soon before it dries out. So my questions are: how to store in the fridge and freezer, how to use it from the freezer and most importantly... what do I do with this blessed item? I know I can shave it over pasta but I wanted to see if there was a way to really highlight the ingredient and see if the hype is really worth it (I've rarely actually eaten one).

A friend gave me one last year and I put it on just about everything. I used a microplane to shave it over popcorn. I shaved slim ribbons with a vegetable peeler and draped them over soft scrambled eggs. I used a razor blade to slice firm coins and stuffed them under the skin of a roasting chicken with a pat of butter. I'm impressed you think you won't use it all. Mine was gone in no time.

The Washington Post