Executive Culinary Artist at Granny Mouse Country and Spa, Wayland Green has shared this lunchbox recipe to take the stress out of packing a school or lunch meal.


20 g sliced red onion

60 g mixed peppers (red, green, yellow)

15 g mushrooms

30 g cherry tomatoes

10 g thyme

5 g crushed garlic

2 g salt

2 g crushed black pepper

20 g pitted olives

25 g cubed feta cheese

20 ml olive oil

30 g basil pesto

30 g cream cheese

2 tortilla wraps


Sautee the vegetables in a little olive oil over high heat in a frying pan starting with the following.

1st Onion

2nd Peppers

3rd Mushrooms

4th Tomatoes

5th Thyme

6th Garlic

Once done take off the heat and place the vegetables in a dish to cool.

Once cool add the seasoning, olives, feta and remaining olive oil and allow standing for +/- an hour.

While this is standing mix your basil pesto and cream cheese together and spread evenly over the lightly toasted wrap.

Add the marinated vegetable to the wrap and fold.

Wrap it up or place in a lunch box and head off to work and wait for the time to come when you can enjoy your wrap.