#MeatFreeMonday: We try the latest plant-based fish product Pic: Supplied
With unsustainable fishing practises wreaking havoc on our oceans and our bodies - likely causing permanent damage, there is a new plant-based fish style fillets available to vegans and vegetarians.

The fillets taste like fish, has the same texture and are cooked the same way.

Fry’s new fish-style fillets are coated in a golden crispy batter, they are a source of protein, contain fibre and are cholesterol free and non-GMO. The fillets also contain added flaxseed oil, a source of Omega-3.

Currently, we are taking fish out of our oceans in a way that is too fast for supplies to replenish sufficiently and inefficient fishing practises also kill billions of unwanted fish and other creatures like dolphins, marine turtles, seabirds and sharks, that are caught in the nets. 

From a health perspective, many fish species are very prone to the bioaccumulation of toxins found in our water supply and fish have also become mercury sponges. 
As the mercury emissions in our air increase and are washed into our water supplies, so the level of mercury, particularly in larger fish, has risen to unhealthy levels. 

Fry’s has also relaunched their Battered Prawn-Style Pieces with a new recipe.  In 2018 alone, consumers saved over 3-million prawns by replacing prawns with Fry’s Prawn-Style Pieces.