Waffles is a dough batter cooked between two hot iron plates. Picture: Pexels (Brigitte Tohm)
Waffles is a dough batter cooked between two hot iron plates. Picture: Pexels (Brigitte Tohm)

National Waffle Day: Ingredients that will make your waffles incredible every time

By Lutho Pasiya Time of article published Mar 25, 2021

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It’s National Waffle Day!

The day is celebrated on March 25 every year, nine months before Christmas and on the Christian holiday of Annunciation.

Waffles is a dough batter cooked between two hot iron plates. The dish originated in Europe and is enjoyed across the world for breakfast, or as dessert.

We look at some of the important ingredients that will make your waffles incredible.


Sourdough has been around for a long, long time, and the key to making winning waffles with it is to let your batter base sit overnight. Combine one part starter with two parts flour, two parts milk, and two tablespoons of sugar, and mix it the night before. By the time you are ready to make your waffles in the morning, you will have a spongy sort of batter.


According to The Guardian's look at the surprisingly long history of waffles, making them with baking soda is a pretty recent change to the recipe. Agents like baking soda became common in the 19th century, and before then, waffle batter relied mainly on yeast. Sure, it takes some planning, but waffle batter needs to rise for a few hours only – and if you make your batter the night before you are going to cook them, you are good to go.


Whisk the eggs until they are light and fluffy. You might not think it makes a difference, but it does. Adding air into the eggs gives your waffles a light and fluffy texture.


Use real butter. The taste and texture you get from using butter are amazing.

Maple syrup

This isn’t a “making a waffle” tip, but it’s essential. Top your waffles with real maple syrup. There’s just something about maple syrup that brings out the best flavour and texture.

How to make a simple waffle batter:

Makes: 6


2 cups Sasko Cake Flour

2 tbs sugar

2 tsp baking powder

½ tsp salt

2 cups milk

2 large eggs

⅓ cup or 80ml sunflower oil


Sift the dry ingredients and mix them.

Combine the milk, eggs, and oil in a bowl.

Add the dry ingredients and beat using a whisk or electric beaters, until you have a silky batter.

Grease and heat the waffle iron as per the manufacturer’s instructions.

Cook waffles as per waffle iron instructions. Generally, the waffles take 2 to 4 minutes to cook. They should be brown and crisp.

Serve hot with syrup, fruit, ice cream, cream or other toppings of your choice.


Be careful not to pour too much batter into the iron because when you put the lid down the batter will spread further; most irons take about ½ cup of batter per waffle.

You can keep the waffle mixture in an airtight container in the fridge overnight if necessary.

You can freeze ready-made waffles, once cooled, in an airtight container with baking paper in between them to stop them from sticking together. Then pop them into the toaster or an oven, preheated to 180ºC, to reheat them from frozen for an effortless breakfast treat. It is best to have the waffles slightly underdone as they will crisp up in the toaster or oven.

The recipe was supplied by Sasko.

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