Many people are craving takeaway meals right now. Picture: Pexel
Many people are craving takeaway meals right now. Picture: Pexel

No takeaways? No problem! 3 fast food meals you can make at home

By Gerry Cupido Time of article published Apr 17, 2020

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I’ve just had breakfast and I’m already thinking “what am I going to make for supper?”.

Guys, we’re deep into lockdown and I’ve run out of ideas on what to cook.

Not only don’t I know what to cook but I really don’t feel like cooking.

As a working mom, I’m not used to cooking each and every day. I’m going to be honest here and admit that I cave once a week and treat the kids to takeaways. Bad mom blah blah. 

All this cooking isn’t working for me and I miss those drive-thru's terribly. At this point, any drive-thru will do.

It’s not just the take-away places I miss, it’s the restaurants as well.

I miss going to Spur and peacefully having my burger while my little one goes off to the play area. I miss chilling at Nando's, wiping the sweat from my brow as I tackle that quarter chicken and chips that I so bravely ordered as hot.

I fantasise about those good old days as I once again find myself making macaroni and cheese with grilled chicken or spaghetti bolognese – two dishes I never want to see after lockdown. 

But the reality is we are in lockdown, but it doesn’t mean we can't at least try to re-create our favourite takeout meals. Yes, you will have still have to make it, but it will be worth your while. 

We recently shared our KFC chicken recipe and here are few recipes you can make at home to satisfy your fast food cravings.

The Whopper burger from Burger King Whopper

The Whopper burger is the go-to burger when you get that Burger King craving. No matter the size it will always hit the spot. But have no fear. 

During our time of need, Burger King in France did the right thing and shared their recipe on how to make a Whopper burger. They took to their Twitter account and posted an image showing the exact ingredients needed to make their burger. 

To make things even easier they then posted a video showing exactly how to make the burger. 

The video is in French but even a five-year-old will be able to follow it.

The humble Spur Burger

If you’re a burger person, then the regular Spur burger is up there on the best burger list. The good people at Spur has made it so easy for us to re-create their burgers at home with their ready to use marinades. 

Get the coals ready and put a few burger patties on the grill. Baste the patties with the grill basting sauce. While your patties are grilling to perfection get your buns ready with your favourite toppings like tomatoes, onions and lettuce. 

Get those saucy grilled patties onto those buns as they come off the coals. 

One bite and you’re practically in the Spur. Set up a play corner with the kids and you’re sorted!

Nando's Chicken

You’ve seen those Nando’s sauces on the shelves. You probably have you one or two flavours at home. So that isn’t the actual basting sauce they use when then the grill their chicken, but here’s how to get your chicken pretty close that. 

Pour the sauce over your chicken pieces, squeeze a few lemon drops over it. 

Then pop the chicken into the oven until the chicken is cooked. In the same way your would normally cook it.

Serve with it with some Portuguese rolls and a crispy salad. 

Tadaaa. You’ll be wiping the sweat off your brow in no time. 

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