Home Made Cottage Cheese. Picture: Supplied
Home Made Cottage Cheese. Picture: Supplied

Omelette du fromage! Now you can make your own cheese

By Lifestyle reporter Time of article published Apr 22, 2020

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Many of us are using the unexpected time of lockdown to develop our culinary talents. We have seen more people in the kitchen than usual. People are brewing their own beer, while the stores are running out of flour, yeast and baking powder because of the boom in baking.

But what about learning a totally new skill, one that will impress everyone at your first post-lockdown gathering? 

Today we make the case for making your own cheese at home. This can be fun for the whole family to do together.

According to health experts, cheese is considered a whole food due to its impressive nutrient profile. That it is rich in calcium and protein and may help improve bone and dental health, lower blood pressure, promote weight gain, and reduce cancer risk.

Did you know that cottage cheese is incredibly easy to make at home, using only two ingredients?  You do not need any special equipment, except a cheesecloth or muslin.

Here’s how to go about making it. 

Home Made Cottage Cheese. Picture: Supplied

Home Made Cottage Cheese


2 litres full-cream milk

50ml maas

Muslin or cheesecloth


Mix together the milk and maas and cover. Let it stand in a warm place and allow it to curdle. Do not stir. This process can take up to twenty-four hours, so be patient.

Line a colander with the clean cloth and suspend it over a bowl.

Once your mixture has curdled, gently ladle the curds into the lined colander to strain the curds from the whey over the course of the next few hours.

Stir the curds every once in a while to help it along.

Scoop the cottage cheese into a clean bowl, cover and refrigerate. It is ready for use. You can add flavours of your own choice for savoury or sweet uses.  

Homemade cottage cheese can be the star of a delicious and healthy breakfast or lunch.

Recipe by Rediscover Dairy. 

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