Coriander Green Masala Tandoori Roast Chicken PICTURE: Vicky Bhogal

"I care about seeing so much food go to waste, but also people feeling stuck with knowing what to do with ingredients in their kitchen," food writer and author, Vicky Bhogal says.

 "I feel very lucky to have been taught these skills from my family, so I am passionate about empowering others to feel the same. My family learnt these things out of necessity, moving to this country as immigrants meant they didn't have much money, so they made sure not to waste, and make meals that cost little, but at the same time still provide wholesome, nutritious and delicious meals for the whole family."

You can transform chicken from boring to vibrant and tasty in just a few seconds by using up yoghurt and blending it with spices to make a marinade.

Natural yoghurt isn't just for granola, and healthy grilled or baked meats, fish, shellfish or veggies needn't be bland. 

You can whizz up in seconds in a mini grinder or blender:

A delicious marinade by combining a few spoonfuls of leftover natural yoghurt;

Some fresh garlic, ginger and any spices or herbs you have in your fridge and cupboard, fresh or dried.  I love using fresh coriander and lemon, with coriander seeds for extra crunch.

Daily Mail