Pic Daniel Lewis

After all the folly of cats being petrified of cucumbers, Hendricks has absolute absurdity that this time around; peacetime between cats and cucumbers will be restored. 

The Catnip & Cucumber Cooler is considered one of the more unusual, yet delectable, cocktails in their stable, as it is infused with catnip leaves, cherry flavoured liqueur and apple bitters.

This sensorial adventure delves deeper into the recesses of peculiarity and partakes in offering cool stimulation and satiation for the palate. 

There really is no better way to cut the chronicles of calming the cat down than with a Catnip and Cucumber Cooler tipple in hand and your cat can rest assured that the cucumber is fully submerged and out of it’s sight.

A fruity and herbal drink, perfect for the novice cocktail maker.


50 ml Hendrick's Gin

20 ml Fresh lemon juice

10 ml Elderflower cordial

8-12 Leaves of catnip

20ml Cloudy apple juice

50 ml Fresh cucumber juice

Combine Gin, lemon, elderflower and catnip in base of tall glass and muddle. 

Add ice, apple juice and churn. 

Add more ice, top with soda and garnish with a cucumber wedge and catnip sprig.
To immerse yourself even further into the wonderfully unusual world of Hendrick’s Gin, please visit www.hendricksgin.com for a most unusual online experience.

Pic Daniel Lewis