Pic - Fatima Sydow


1 sponge cake or swissroll slices

3 tablespoons Apricot Jam

1 large Canned Fruit

Ultra Mel Custard (or homemade custard, what you prefer)

Greengage jelly 2 packets

Blackcurrent jelly 2 packets

Vanilla whipped cream , crumbed flake and berries for decorations and walnuts


Prepare your jellies as instructed on packets and allow to set in fridge.

When your jelly has set now you place all your ingredients neatly next to each other in smaller bowls, because trifle is an assembly of ingredients, no cooking or baking required.

Using a very deep bowl for a two layer trifle, or a flat large bowl for a one layered trifle.

Cut sponge or swissroll into slices, spread with a knife some apricot jam on each slice, now place half of the sponges at bottom of the bowl.

From the canned fruit, drizzle half of the fruit on sponge, drizzle half of the syrup of the canned fruits over the sponge as well.

Now dollop half of the green and red jelly over the canned fruit, evenly.

Pour half of the custard over the jelly, evenly.

Repeat all steps till all ingredients have been used, pipe some Vanilla cream over and decorate with berries, crumbed flake and walnuts.

Place covered in fridge overnight, ready for the festive feast the next day .

You can make one large single layer or a layered trifle in a bowl or to your liking.