Iceberg Lettuce

Bread Rolls

Mediterranean Delicacies Danish Cheese (or cold meat)


Olives (Black & Green)



Mediterranean Delicacies Greek Styled Olives

Mediterranean Delicacies Green Olives


Place a leaf of lettuce on a plate as the base.

Slice a roll in half and place the bottom half on top of the lettuce.

Layer this half with 1 - 2 pieces of cheese or cold meat.

Cut out a half-moon section from the top half of the roll and place it at the top of the plate.

Position the smaller part of the roll underneath.

Slice cucumber and cut in half to form eyes.

Cut 2 slices of Mediterranean Delicacies Green Olives for the green of the eyes.

Halve one of the Mediterranean Delicacies Greek Style Olives for the nose and pupils of the eyes.

Insert large round sliced carrots for the mouth