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Not only is this a tasty treat it's also healthy. These jaffels are the ideal way to get your kids to eat Low GI bread without them even knowing it. Its the perfect breakfast snack and the chocolate spread will ensure that any sweet cravings are instantly satisfied.
Prep time: 5 minutes
Cooking time: 5 minutes
Yield:  1 portion 
2 slices SASKO Plus+ Cranberry Low GI bread  

50 g chocolate spread/ nutella

50 g Fresh banana, sliced

15 g butter, room temperature 

Icing sugar, to dust 

Preheat the jaffle or sandwich maker.

Spread one side of each bread with butter.

Place a slice, butter-side down and evenly spread the chocolate spread, place the sliced banana onto the chocolate spread and cover with the other slice of buttered bread, butter side up.

Cook for 4-5 minutes or until golden brown.

Remove from jaffle maker and slice and dust with icing sugar to serve.