There are moments that the chocolate craving is so strong only a decadent dessert will suffice.
Marie Phitidis is a Sydney-based blogger who manages to create delightful desserts that you didn't know you wanted in the first place.
She posts her creations over at Phoodie where photos accompany each step of the recipe, so if you're more of a take away person than a culinary chef you can make her desserts too.
There are only three ingredients for this simple recipe and most of it is made in the microwave, although you can use the stove if you prefer.  
'Prepare to watch those that you serve this to weep,' she wrote on her blog. 'PLEASE give it a go and write to me about just how much your guests weeped… like, just a little… or uncontrollably.. or somewhere in between….Because I can assure you, weep they will!'.
Phitidis believes that absolutely anybody can cook and wants to ensure her recipes are accessible to everyone, no matter your cooking level. 
Her website isn't only limited to desserts, so once you've mastered this one you can try your luck at her selection of starters, salads and mains as well. 

400g Toblerone (You can use Dark Choc Toblerone)
2 cups thickened cream
210g white marshmallows (note: she used pink and white in the pictures below but recommends using white only)
For the second stage you will need:
2 cups thickened cream (you need to whip this)
250g Toblerone (roughly chopped to decorate mousse)
Roughly chop the 400g of Toblerone and place it in a large microwave safe bowl with the 2 cups of cream and the marshmallows. Stir thoroughly.
Mircrowave on high for 3 minutes (stir at 30 second intervals so it doesn't burn) note: it may take more or less than 3 minutes, you are simply aiming to melt all ingredients together.
Remove mixture from microwave, use a whisk to give it a good stir and set aside on your bench for it to cool completely.
Whip the additional cream to soft peak stage and chop the additional Toblerone. 
Add the whipped cream to the cooled Toblerone – start by folding it through with a spatula and then use a whisk to combine it at the final stages. The mixture should be very smooth, but remember, the melted Toblerone will mean that there are some almond nougat lumps and that's all good! 
Divide the mixture into 12 small cups/bowls/tea cups/whatever you like and place into the fridge for 45 minutes or so, just so that the top layer sets slightly. 
Remove from fridge and top each serve with a generous sprinkling of Toblerone.
Place back into fridge for at least 8 hours, preferably overnight, to set. This tastes great even made a day or a day and a half ahead! 

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