After getting home much later than usual the last thing you want to worry about is what to make for dinner. Picture: Pexels/Top Way
After getting home much later than usual the last thing you want to worry about is what to make for dinner. Picture: Pexels/Top Way

RECIPES: Braai ideas for all your load shedding days

By Lutho Pasiya Time of article published Jun 2, 2021

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After getting home much later than usual, the last thing you want to worry about is what to make for dinner.

While food delivery apps may be an option (if the restaurant has a generator), this can get expensive.

We have put together a list of braai ideas that are quick and easy and best of all, require no power.

Butterfly lamb with cherry glaze

Serves 6-8


1.8kg deboned leg of lamb

60ml balsamic vinegar

15ml chopped garlic

15ml wholegrain mustard

45ml black cherry jam

15ml olive oil

45ml chopped thyme

45ml chopped rosemary

Salt and pepper

Fresh cherries for garnishing

Roasted shallots and carrots to serve


Place the lamb in a strong plastic bag.

Combine the balsamic vinegar, garlic, mustard, jam, olive oil, herbs and seasoning and mix well.

Pour over the lamb and massage into the meat. Set aside to marinate for a few hours or overnight.

When ready to cook, bring the meat to room temperature. Prepare an indirect heat in a covered braai.

Place the meat in a disposable container and roast, basting frequently with the marinade, for 45-50 minutes or until the desired “doneness”.

Remove from the braai, cover with foil, and rest for 10 minutes before slicing. Garnish with fresh cherries and serve with roasted shallots and carrots if desired.

Place the remaining marinade in a small pot and bring to a boil. Simmer until thickened. Serve with the sliced meat.

Pimped skilpadjie


About 500g lamb liver, cut into large cubes, about the size of a matchbox

1 red onion, finely chopped

2 chillies (or as many as you can handle), seeds removed, and chopped

A good pinch of salt

A couple of garlic cloves, crushed and chopped

A good pinch of cracked black pepper

A small handful of fresh sage

A splash of Worcester sauce

A pinch of nutmeg

A decent squeeze of lemon

A splash of sherry

A couple of rashers of streaky bacon



Put the cubed liver and all the other ingredients (except the bacon and netvet) in a large bowl, mix well, cover and chill for about an hour. Rinse the netvet in warm water and pat dry.

Next, wrap each piece of liver, along with a drizzle of marinade, in bacon and set aside. Spread the netvet on to a clean working surface. Cut into rectangles big enough to wrap around the liver cubes. Wrap each piece of bacon and liver in the netvet and close with a toothpick or two.

The traditional time for braaiing a skilpadjie is five to 10 minutes, but because these are wrapped in bacon, it could take slightly longer. To test, take one skilpadjie off the heat and cut it in half. If the liver is still bloody and the bacon is still raw, braai them for longer, but don’t overcook the liver. Eat immediately with an extra squeeze of lemon juice.

Recipe by Justin Bonello braais skilpadjies.

Sweet and sour chicken kebabs


2 chicken fillets

8 baby onions

4 slices streaky bacon

3 firm peeled bananas

1 red pepper

For the marinade

2 tbs brown sugar

1 tbs Worcestershire sauce

2 tbs lemon juice

Salt and pepper

4 bamboo skewers


Mix the marinade ingredients. Cut each chicken fillet into four pieces and add to the marinade, cover and leave overnight.

Blanch onions in boiling water and peel. Cut each banana into three pieces and wrap bacon around each piece of banana.

Clean and cut the pepper into squares.

Skewer the onion, banana, pepper, and chicken on to four skewers and brush generously with the marinade.

Braai the kebabs on medium coals for about 15 minutes, frequently turning and basting it with the marinade.

Recipe by Lizette Malherbe.

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