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1 small Onion, white, diced

250 g Mushrooms, white button, sliced

3 tbsp Parsley, freshly chopped

4 Spring onions, sliced

4 tbsp Olive Oil

2 tbsp Butter

500 g Rice, white, long grain

5 Saffron strands

400 Seafood, mixed

400 g (1 Jar) Peppadew® Piquanté Pepper and olive pasta sauce

300ml Vegetable stock

Salt and Pepper to taste


Heat oil and butter in a paella pan or large deep frying pan.

Add the onion, mushroom, parsley and spring onion to the pan and sauté for 2 - 3 minutes.

Add the saffron strands and mix through well.

Add the rice and seafood and mix again.

Add the Peppadew® Piquanté Pepper and olive pasta sauce and vegetable stock.

Season, bring to the boil, cover and reduce the temperature to simmer.

Cook the seafood rice for 30 -35 minutes or until rice is tender.

Chefs tip: Add 150 ml vegetable stock or 150 ml of white wine for extra depth in flavour if necessary.