Fatima Sydow's fruity Malaysian pudding. Picture: Supplied
Summer is here!

It’s time to bring out the flip flops, short shorts and pretty soon every stall will be selling my favourite summertime fruits like berries, peaches, mangoes, nectarines, you name it!

When I was growing up, summer time was when the family would go on a mini road trip to visit oupa (grandfather's) family up country. We would return with boxes crammed with fruit - from watermelons and sweetmelon to grapes and peaches.

When I get the chance I still love visiting small towns when my favourite fruits are in season.

Not only do you get to pick your own, but it is also dirt cheap and fresh from the tree!

Nothing says summer like a colourful bowl of fresh fruits on the table.

Not only do they make for great ingredients in fridge tarts, salads and smoothies but also in traditional “veggie” dishes, as you will see here today.

Who better to whip up a few great summer recipes than Cape kitchen queens, Salwaa Smith and Fatima Sydow.

From braised steak with pineapple to summer smoothies and no bake cheese cakes, these add the perfect touch to your summer menu.


Salwaa's Mango, Kiwi & Strawberry Shakes

1/2 cup of plain yoghurt of choice 

1/2 - 1 cup milk of choice

1 cup fruit of choice. I used kiwi, strawberries and mango 

1 cup of ice optional 

Sugar to taste optional

Mix in a blender for 1-2 minutes

Salwaa's Mango, Kiwi & Strawberry Shakes

Fatima's Malaysian Pudding

1kg Tub of Fruit Yoghurt of your choice (I used Strawberry) 
250 ml of fresh cream whipped until stiff peaks
1can of condensed milk 
1can of ideal milk (380 grams)
1 can of canned Guava (240grams)
1 can of canned peaches (250 grams)
1 can of canned fruit cocktail (250 grams) 
3 ripe bananas chopped into slices
Fruit to decorate pudding.

Whisk your chilled ideal milk until triple in volume, add the whipped cream that's also been whipped until stiff peaks form, condensed milk and yoghurt and whisk for another minute until well combined. 
Chop your guavas and peaches into smaller pieces.
Next add all your fruit to the bowl and give a quick stir. 
Pour into two bowls or one very large bowl. 
Decorate with fruit and chill in fridge for a few fours until ready to serve.

Tip - Ensure that you separate most of the canned syrup or it will be a very runny pudding, also remember this pudding do not set to a stiff consistency. 

To set the pudding, simply add one packet jelly powder flavour of your choice mixed with 3/4 cup of hot water, stir well and allow to cool until cold, then stir into pudding. 
Place in fridge to set for a few hours.

Fatima's Malaysian Pudding