The secret's out! We show you how to make 'KFC' chicken at home

By Gerry Cupido Time of article published Apr 1, 2020

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It's Day 6 of the national lockdown and my kids have already started asking about when they can get some fast food again. 

Even though I’ve told them at least 100 times that everything is closed during lockdown, I still get questions like, “Can we go to the Spur?” or “Is the McDonald’s drive-through closed as well?”

As mothers, we’re always looking for creative ways to solve often impossible problems in an attempt to make the nagging of a six-year-old stop. Moms know that nagging leads to irritation which leads to frustration followed by having wine with breakfast. 

So how do you get your kids from nagging about their junk food cravings?

During this trying time, moms are getting really creative in the kitchen - baking their own bread, making pasta from scratch and making the most incredible cookies. 

But there’s one mom who has perfected the art of making fried chicken that tastes exactly like KFC. Her name is Bianca Cupido, a mom of two boys who carries the title "KFC chicken queen" of the family. At gatherings, the kids can’t get enough of her crispy chicken. 

Crispy fried chicken is always a winner. Picture: Bianca Cupido

If your kids (and youself) are KFC fans and the craving has hit you, here’s her homemade recipe:


Chicken pieces 



Robertson chicken spice

Dried mixed herbs

Cake flour (enough to coat all chicken pieces)

2 eggs beaten (number of eggs depends on the number of chicken pieces)

Cooking oil

All you need are a few simple ingredients. Picture: Bianca Cupido


Liberally spice the chicken pieces equally with the Robertsons chicken spice, salt, pepper, salt and mixed herbs.

Dip chicken in cake flour then into the eggs. Then back into the flour.

Fry pieces in medium heat oil until cooked through.

Be careful when frying the chicken pieces. Video: Bianca Cupido

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